Upholstery Cleaning

All kinds of accidents can happen to your office upholstery. Coffee spills, food stains, fading at the base from footfall, and more. Your upholstery makes arguably one of the biggest impressions to those visiting your office, and yet, they’re so difficult to clean.

Luckily We Offer Upholstery Cleaning as one of our many types of office or retail services. This service is perfectly suited for offices with reception areas, common rooms, or even desk chairs. It can also suit couches outside fitting rooms in a retail space, or chaise longues in a hotel reception area. We can clean virtually anything that has a cushion!

From the Initial Vacuum to a Wet or Dry Clean we have all the best eco-friendly materials to take care of your furniture. Regency Cleaning has been accredited by a number of sources that show our products and practices benefit our Alberta environment and water supplies. Everything we do, we consider the minimisation of waste, electricity, and the health of you and our employees.

Knowing our Materials is the most important part of our furniture cleaning. You can trust us for the correct handling of a variety of materials including those sensitive to colour bleed or fading. Depending on the upholstery, we use wet and dry cleaning techniques to hide the appearance of stains or scuffs to your furniture. We have over 30 years experience in the cleaning industry, and have seen the decline and resurgence of all popular materials including suede, leather, wool, acrylics, and blends.

If you still need more information or guidance, we encourage you to firstly visit our dedicated webpage, followed by calling us at 403-520-7788 to request a quote. Don’t wait another day for a clean space!