The Nitty Gritty

A spring clean is your chance to tackle the cleaning tasks you may have been avoiding all year, but it doesn’t have to be a dreadful challenge with the help of our professional and efficient team by your side.

Could you use a hand with the arduous tasks? Regency Cleaning is renowned for our Green Cleaning services, and we’ve been accredited by multiple sources for our devotion to healthy practices. If you’re seeking help for a big task such as a carpet deep clean, or a stairwell cleaning, you’ll be stretched to find a company in Calgary that cares as much about the products we use in your space as we do.

Pressure Washing:

To remove the ground-in mud or grass from your sidewalks or parking lots, you’ll need a pressure washer. However, when used incorrectly, a pressure washer can actually cause damage. Although it’s just water, it is a powerful tool for cleaning outdoor services such as vinyl siding, brick, roofs, gutters, and even wooden decks.

“I Don’t See It On Your Website, But…”

Our management team has over 30 years of experience serving Calgarians. We’ve seen it all – damage caused by snow, hail, wind, floods and more. And we often provide the final polish on newly renovated spaces to really make them glow. As you approach your spring clean, you may not see the task you have in mind listed on our website, but it’s always worth calling us to find out if we can help. We have a wide array of tools and cleaning products that might just do the trick.

Whether it’s for a clean-up at home, or in an office or retail space, we’re standing by ready to tackle your spring clean with you. Give us a call today to arrange a quote. (403-520-7788)