Preventing Slips and Falls in the Workplace

While slips and falls might sometimes not a big deal, they can easily lead to serious injuries and can cause major damage. Not only do slips and falls endanger human lives, they also are an insurance liability. Preventing hazards at the workplace is everyone’s responsibility, and you owe it to your business and your workers to ensure that you’ve minimized the risk of tripping hazards.

What Causes a Slip?

We’ve all lost our footing on an icy winters day or when crossing a patch of wet floor. Slips occur when your shoes don’t have enough friction against the floor, causing your foot to glide when on a surface that you thought was stable. Common slipping hazards include floors that were just cleaned and are still wet, spills, or failing to properly clear snow from a sidewalk. These are all preventable hazards and care should be taken to ensure that they’re minimized. Regency Cleaning makes sure that everyone’s safety is of the utmost priority while cleaning.

Tripping Hazards

Aside from slipping, a cluttered floor or space poses a tripping hazard to your workers. Uncovered cables or wires, cabinets left out of place, or uneven flooring can all cause someone to misjudge their next step and lose their balance. Poor lighting or cleanliness conditions can also increase the chance of a trip. To mitigate this, always make sure that things are put away and warning signs placed up around areas that have to stay cluttered. Ensure walkways and halls are well lit and that any exposed cables are clearly marked. During the winter months, Regency Cleaning offers a floor mat rental service to help keep your floors clean and reduce the chance of slipping. Our mats are designed to help people find traction while walking, and are excellent for doorways and entranceways.

Slips and falls can happen in all workplaces, and hazards are not always easy to spot. Do a quick scan of your workplace and make sure that preventable risks are accounted for. Looking to get your workplace cleaned? Regency Cleaning has the experience and expertise necessary to keep your workplace functioning at max capacity. Our powerful cleaning equipment and environmentally friendly reagents get the job done in a safe and efficient manner. You can reach us at 403-520-7788 today!