Cleaning and Maintaining Your Floors

With the long winter finally coming to a close, most of us are probably becoming quite familiar to the sight of melting snow and ice everywhere. While this is a happy sign of the upcoming spring weather, it also tends to lead to an increase in the amount of mud and dirt that gets carried inside by shoes and boots. How can you protect your flooring from becoming soiled during this messy season?

Doormats are Your Friend

The best way to keep your floors clean is the prevent dirt from reaching it in the first place! Investing in a set of high quality doormats can save you a lot of time spent cleaning and scrubbing the floors. When shopping for a doormat, look for something that has hard bristles. These have increased surface area, which will help wipe more dirt and gunk off of shoes. To keep your mats working, ensure that you do give them a cleaning from time to time. You want the mat to help take dirt off shoes, not the other way around! Besides having practical uses, a doormat can also be used to boost the decor of your front porch and makes a great addition to any entrance.

Proper Shoe Storage

Take a look at where you’re currently storing your outdoor shoes. Are they kept neatly on a shoe rack with a waterproof surface, or tossed haphazardly around the entranceway? Keeping your shoes in a neat and tidy place can help prevent them from getting kicked around and spreading dirt in the process. Establishing a clear space for where shoes should go will also help reduce the temptation of simply tossing them onto the floor. Ensure that your chosen shoe area or shoe rack has a waterproof surface that’s also easy to replace or clean. This is especially important for rainy days! If you do a lot of garden work and trudge through a lot of mud, you may want to consider keeping your working boots outside in the garage. These simple tidiness techniques can help prevent a lot of dirt from befalling your floors.

Floor Cleaning

While we do our best to keep our floors clean, stains and dirt are bound to get in at some time or another. When you do need to scrub the floors, try to do so immediately when you notice stains. While a fresh stain is relatively easy to clean off, dried stains can become much more difficult to deal with. Try to look for environmentally-friendly cleaning products, and never use harsh chemicals that could damage your flooring.

Don’t want to worry about dirty floors? That’s what Regency Cleaning is here for! We are professional and do our job with the utmost effectiveness, and we also offer a rental service for doormats. You can reach us by calling 403-520-7788 today!