How Often Should Windows be Cleaned?

Window cleaning can be a daunting task, especially if your space has a lot of windows. Because of this, this chore tends to get put off indefinitely, and you’re stuck trying to squint past all the smudges and stains every time you want to look outside. How often should windows be cleaned to strike a happy medium between too often and not enough?

Twice a Year

A report from CNN suggests that windows should be cleaned around twice a year. You may want to tailor this schedule to the annual weather to increase your cleaning efficiency. For example, if we have a year with a particularly lengthy winter (such as this current one!) it might be a good idea to hold off on cleaning until the snow has finally started to clear off for good. Cleaning too early into the melting season will only result in your hard work being erased in mere weeks. However, you don’t want to hold off too long, as dirty windows can hide leaks or cracks in the frame. As moisture accumulates, these small leaks can grow in size and attract the growth of mould and fungus, which becomes a much bigger problem to deal with. While cleaning your windows, it doesn’t hurt to also do a quick inspection around the edges to ensure the seal is still intact.

What’s the Best Way to Keep Windows Clean?

While DIY cleaning can be effective, it still remains a time-consuming task, and you may not be entirely satisfied with the result either. Hiring professional window cleaners mean that you can spend more time enjoying the beautiful weather outside instead of perching yourself high up on a precarious ladder. You won’t need to bother with creating or buying your own cleaning supplies, and you also can put your mind at ease knowing that the cleaning products we employ are environmentally friendly and non-toxic. Moreover, you can rest assured that the job will be done to the highest standards of quality.

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