What Does Green Cleaning Mean to Us?

Climate change is affecting everything around us, yet it’s often hard to perceive this due to its slow-moving nature and impact. Here at Regency Cleaning, we understand the dangers of climate change and are actively trying to improve how we approach our work everyday. From the products we choose to the equipment we use, we’ve seamlessly incorporated green cleaning techniques into our business.

Our Products

When it comes to choosing cleaning products, care is taken to ensure effectiveness and quality while maintaining our standards for green products. For example, we only use biodegradable cleaning supplies to ensure that we aren’t releasing any waste content that will permanently end up in landfills. Our products are obtained from reputable companies and sources with sustainable methods. We ensure that none of our products contain harmful or toxic components, like volatile organic compounds, that can be harmful to the health of humans or the environment.

Our Equipment

Cleaning equipment can sometimes be pricey and eat up a lot of non-renewable fuel. As part of our green cleaning techniques, we minimize the power consumption of our cleaning equipment by using them in efficient and effective ways. From the start, we hand select the tools that allow us to best complete our job in a fuel efficient manner. High efficiency vacuums, for example, mean that we’re able to complete cleaning tasks faster and use less electricity while doing so. Our tools are always washable as opposed to disposable, helping to reduce manufacturing emissions. Finally, we strive to incorporate aspects of recycling wherever we’re able.

Each of us can do our part to help protect our environment. By taking steps to go green now, we’re helping to ensure a brighter future for future generations. Looking to hire us for your next cleaning project? You can reach us at 403-520-7788.