Window Cleaning Tips For Calgary’s Pollen Season

A professional cleaner is wiping the glass window thoroughly to share some window cleaning tips.

Are you weary of looking through smudged, streaky windows that you can never seem to get sparkling? And to top that, Calgary’s pollen season doesn’t make matters any easier, which can have you and your loved ones suffering from seasonal allergies. Regular window cleaning will keep your windows operating smoothly and improve your indoor air quality. Window cleaning during Calgary’s pollen season can be a challenging feat due to the high levels of pollen in the air, so here are some expert window cleaning tips to help you effectively clean your windows to maintain clear views and a fresh home despite the seasonal pollen.

Choose The Right Time

When cleaning windows, try to clean them when pollen levels are lower, such as after rainfall or early in the morning before pollen levels rise. Avoid cleaning windows under direct sunlight, as sunlight can cause your window-cleaning solution to vaporize before you can wash it away properly, which can lead to streaks that are difficult to buff out. 

Remove Pollen And Dust From Window Frames And Sills

A window cleaning tip is to ensure to clean the window tracks and sills, since pollen can gather in these areas. Use a vacuum with a dust attachment, a handheld vacuum, or a damp cloth to remove pollen particles and debris buildup to ensure that pollen doesn’t smear around as you are cleaning the windows. This step ensures that dirt is prevented from turning into a muddy mess when interacting with the cleaner, and prevents the sludge from dripping down the windows. Remove dust and pollen buildup from your blinds or shades, and if you have curtains, this is a good time to remove and wash them. To make sure that your freshly cleaned windows don’t get dirty, use your vacuum’s upholstery nozzle attachment to thoroughly clean the curtains to remove all the grime.

Use A Homemade Glass Cleaner

Many homemade glass cleaner recipes are just as effective at cleaning glass surfaces as commercial products and are effective at removing pollen debris and leaving windows streak-free. Homemade cleaners typically contain fewer harsh chemicals in comparison to commercial products, which makes them more environmentally friendly and safer for indoor use. You can tailor homemade glass cleaner recipes to adapt to your specific needs and preferences, and it is possible to adjust the ingredients and concentrations as necessary. 

To make a glass cleaner solution at home, take 2 cups of water, ½ cup of white or cider vinegar, and ¼ cup of rubbing alcohol with 70% concentration. Combine the ingredients and pour them into a spray bottle, and if you have children or pets, note the ingredients on the outside of the bottle for caution.

Use The Right Tools

Another tip for window cleaning is to select tools that will effectively remove pollen without spreading the debris around. Microfiber cloths and soft-bristled brushes are ideal for seizing pollen without damaging or scratching your windows. To dry the glass after cleaning, avoid drying with paper after cleaning as they can leave lint behind. It is ideal to use a microfiber cloth as it will capture the dirt and not leave any particles behind, as they are absorbent, washable, and effective at leaving the glass shiny and streak-free. 

Clean Window Screens With A Lint Roller

For deep cleaning windows, remove the screens from the windows, rinse them with soap and water, and scrub gently with a soft-bristled brush if they are particularly greasy or grimy. To remove light pollen buildup, our window cleaning tip is to leave the screens in place and use a sticky lint roller to remove the debris and dust.

It is recommended to clean the inside and outside of your windows twice a year, ideally in the fall and spring. At Regency Cleaning Services, we have the expertise and the tools to clean your windows thoroughly even during pollen season with the most robust green cleaning solutions. Contact us today for a free estimate!