Restaurant Patio Cleaning For Spring

Restaurant Patio Cleaning For Spring

If you are a restaurant owner, you must know that the first impression of your establishment matters. Stains from drinks, food, sauces, and sticky gum on the floor can find their way inside your restaurant and inevitably end up on your restaurant’s patio. During the warmer months, many restaurant guests prefer sitting outside and enjoying drinks or a meal, however, an unsightly and dirty patio can ruin a guest’s experience and negatively impact your restaurant’s reputation. Read ahead to discover how to keep your restaurant’s patios and walkways looking beautiful, clean, and sanitized.

Benefits Of Restaurant Patio Cleaning

The following are some of the many benefits of restaurant patio cleaning:

  • Health And Safety: Clearing away debris, spills, and potential hazards from the patio surface decreases the likelihood of slips, trips, and falls for both patrons and staff. Additionally, it deters the buildup of mold, mildew, and other substances that might compromise air quality.
  • Positive Restaurant Image: A clean patio contributes positively to the restaurant’s brand image, and reflects the brand’s professionalism, meticulousness, and dedication to customer satisfaction. This can attract new guests and foster loyalty among existing customers.
  • Prevents Rodents: A clean patio free from food particles and other trash prevents rodents and insects attracted to drink and food spills.

What Should Be Included In Restaurant Patio Cleaning?

Patio and walkway surfaces tend to stain and become dirty over just one night, which is why many restaurants prefer regular cleanings on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis. When beginning the patio cleaning process, it is important to clear the patio of fallen leaves, sticks, food items, garbage, and other trash. If the floors or upholstery has stubborn stains or if there are areas with heavy grease buildup, use a scrub brush and a mixture of mild detergent and water to rid the stains. If there is mould or mildew present, use a solution of white vinegar and water and let the cleaning solution sit for a few hours, and then scrub the area clean.

It is also necessary to disinfect the patio surfaces to make sure that these surfaces are free from harmful bacteria, pathogens, and viruses, so ensure to disinfect all high-touch surfaces such as tables, chairs, doorknobs, and condiment shakers. Rinse the patio with clean water to clear any leftover soap or cleaning solution, as this is an essential step to eliminate any residue from influencing the taste or smell of food that is served on the patio.

Pressure Washing

Patios require pressure washing for a thorough restaurant patio cleaning, since power washing removes accumulated dirt, grime, grease, food spills, and other traces more effectively in comparison to cleaning with other traditional methods. Outdoor environments are also prone to moisture buildup which can cause mold, mildew, moss, and algae to grow on patio surfaces and power washing eliminates these organic growths and prevents them from spreading. In addition, power washing contributes to a safer dining experience for guests, as it removes slippery materials and debris from the patio surface and greatly reduces slipping and falling hazards for patrons.

Have Your Restaurant’s Outdoor Patio Professionally Cleaned

Restaurant owners who acknowledge their outdoor patios can be a profitable feature will transform this portion of their restaurant to ensure that it is perfect for their guests. If your restaurant has an outdoor patio, it is essential to pay attention to all the features that need to be cleaned, and check for any potential repair issues or improvements that can make it better. This is because restaurant patios can be a significant source of revenue for restaurants when maintained properly, as it can help in surplus capital in the short and long term.

No matter how tedious or big your cleaning task can be, Regency Cleaning Services is here to help you clean every inch of your restaurant and patio space for a clean and healthy dining experience for your guests. Contact us at 403-520-7788 to get a free estimate today!