Keeping Your Carpets Clean Over the Winter

Carpets are excellent for creating a cozy indoor environment, but they can also turn into a trap for dust particles and airborne bacteria. A dusty carpet can dramatically impact the quality of the air you breathe and can quickly result in an uncomfortable work space. Do your workers and clients a favour by treating your carpets to a deep cleaning!

Carpet and Air Quality

Studies have indicated that air quality in carpeted rooms is generally worse than that of non-carpeted floors. In particular, those with breathing difficulties, like asthma, are especially impacted. Despite this, many people spend a large majority of their day in carpeted environments, where they face increased exposure to harmful dust and airborne pathogens. One way to help solve this issue is through proper carpet cleaning and care. While vacuuming and periodic cleaning can be a huge help, it isn’t a replacement for professional deep carpet cleaning. Using safe and effective cleaning reagents with our powerful equipment, we offer comprehensive carpet cleaning services that can improve your indoor air quality and protect you from exposure to harmful airborne particles.

The Regency Cleaning Strategy

Regency Cleaning prides itself in upholding high standards of cleanliness in all the work we do. Our non-toxic and non-flammable cleaning products are perfectly formulated for deep cleaning carpets and making them feel brand new again. Our methods help prolong the life of your carpets and keeps them looking fresh in the days to come. Once we’ve done our pre-inspection of the carpets’ condition, we’ll start by pre-treating all exposed areas, looking for stains and other such areas. Then, we use our powerful truck mounted cleaning equipment to get right down to the roots of the carpet fibres. Our methods are environmentally friendly and safe for humans. In addition, we also offer carpet protectors to prevent static and furniture staining.

Maintaining clean indoor air quality makes for a better and healthier environment for both your workers and your clients. It’s important to inspect the condition of your carpets and have them cleaned regularly. If it’s about time for your next carpet cleaning, Regency Cleaning is here for you! You can reach us at 403-520-7788.