What’s Hiding in Your Washroom?

Many of us go through our own “cleanliness” rituals when making a stop in a public washroom. It’s in the nature of a washroom to conjure up feelings of disgust and filth. However, how clean are public bathrooms in a general sense, and are our bathroom rituals logical or just something to make us feel better?

Common Misconceptions

Many people develop a phobia of washroom surfaces. From toilets and sinks to counters and door handles, the best practice appears to be limiting any direct contact with washroom surfaces as much as possible. At first glance, this seems like a sensible approach, and many disease-causing organisms have indeed been found on washroom surfaces. But how logical is this fear really? As it turns out, the toilet seat, which for many is ground zero for nasty germs, isn’t as badly contaminated as our fearful thoughts would have us believe. Door handles, picnic tables, and elevator buttons were found to have more bacteria than your average toilet seat. Even if a toilet seat was heavily contaminated, you’d need to be touching it with an open cut or sore for any real chance of getting infected.

Where the Germs Really Are

Ironically, places that you’d expect to be clean tend to also house the most bacteria. Faucet handles were found to contain the highest concentration of germs on their surface. This is likely due to the constant presence of moisture and water on these surfaces, which help keep microscopic organisms alive and thriving. Washroom door handles are another culprit, as they see a lot of direct contact between many pairs of hands. Therefore, avoiding contact with faucet taps by turning the water on and off with a paper towel could be a good idea. Moreover, ensure that you take the time to wash your hands carefully before contacting other surfaces to help reduce the transmission of bacteria and disease.

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