Snow Removal

Snow Removal

Few tasks performed by building service contractors have a greater impact than safety and snow and ice removal. The key to performing this service exceptionally is a dependable overnight labor force, the right equipment and proper training.

Regency’s snow removal team is on call 24/7 during the winter months. Weather forecasts are monitored continuously with callout sheets ready. Day Porter’s are specifically trained to recognize slippery conditions early on and apply deicer compounds as needed.

Rely on Regency for snow and ice removal. We will keep your sidewalks and curbs sides safe and attractive.

Regency Cleaning – Snow Removal

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Snow Removal

Snow Removal

What should you expect from a snow removal service? Speed? Efficiency? Quality? No snow is left behind? Regency Cleaning offers a speedy and reliable snow removal service that we hold to the same high standard as our other cleaning services. We pride ourselves on offering Calgarians a snow removal service that consistently exceeds expectations and is affordable.

Doing It Right The First Time.

Getting snow removal done right is a matter of public safety. Cutting corners with snow removal can leave your elderly or very young customers in danger, which can reflect poorly on your business, even if you hire an external company for snow removal. That’s why we take snow maintenance extremely seriously. We know that our work reflects upon your business and is necessary for keeping Calgarians safe as they walk to your business.

Our Dependable Overnight Labour Force is standing by when the snow hits, so when you hire Regency Cleaning for snow removal services, you can rest easy. When you show up to work in the morning, the overnight snow will be gone and sidewalks salted. We know you take offering a safe environment for both your employees and your clients seriously, and that’s why we’re here to help. And the great thing about hiring our snow removal team is that it’s one less thing for you to think about. We can’t boost your car if it doesn’t start, but we can ensure your workplace is clean and safe!

Chilly Chores Not only do we offer snow removal for your business’s sidewalks and parking, but we make sure we leave the entire general area completely safe. That includes clearing snow and salting to remove any slippery spots.

In addition to our snow removal, we also offer a mat rental service for all types of business. We leave you with a clean, dry mat for wiping your feet on at the entranceway. When it’s wet and dirty, we come to remove it and immediately replace it with a clean, dry one for your colleagues and customers to use. It helps to keep the rest of your office clean, limits how much water is getting tracked through your business, and creates a designated place where colleagues can wipe off during a blizzard!

There’s no avoiding cold, snowy weather in Calgary. So whether your business is located in Sagehill or Walden, call us today before our winter services are booked up!

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